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...oh, that's not the end of the story.



Home Chapter 3: Similarly Scarred, a Blacklist Fan Fiction.



The final chapter of my story “Home” is posted. To irish-buzzsaw​ who prompted me over the summer: It’s finally complete and all for you :). Thank you so much for everything.  

To anyone who my comment, your thoughts mean the world to me. Thank you so much. <3

Also posted at AO3.

*sniffle* It’s completed, and it is beautiful and perfect and a must read… and inspired with one single poetic line a whole gifset for me and that was just in the first chapter. And chapter 3 ….. well that broke my heart in the most beautiful and perfect way. I cant say a lot without spoiling it but its not just the writing, it is the meta for this pairing that is woven into the words that will stay with me as a reader for a long time….


May I help you out? As for the biodad question - there are a lot of clues that in my opinion speak against that theory…

Thank you so much for the help, it’s greatly appreciated! I’d picked up on some of the…

I am so glad you found the links helpful. It really needs time to figure it all out in one’s head. I honestly needed the whole 1 st season and i don’t think you find two lizzington shippers who have exactly the same view on their ship ;) And especially room’s post is the most honest and unadorned analysis on the parental vibes for me - I really “hated” it at first. Not because I didn’t see it, but because I did and i didn’t like it at all. It took me the whole time between ep. 19 and the middle of the hiatus to wrap my head around it. Its a difficult issue and in the end every shipper has to find her/his own view on it as it isnt something to be simply ignored IMO - but to me it made the pairing suprisingly even more compelling once i did :)

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