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“You fool. No man can kill me.”

How many times am I allowed to reblog this before it gets weird?


Fun facts: Tolkien constructed this scene because he came out of Macbeth thinking that Shakespeare had missed a golden opportunity with the ”Be bloody, bold, and resolute; laugh to scorn the power of man, for none of woman born shall harm Macbeth” prophecy

Same thing applies to the Forest of Fangorn fucking up Isengard’s day.

Seriously Macbeth’s little prophecy loophole was bullshit you go Tolkien

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"Then why not finish the arch? Take your case file with you, Clarice, I won’t need it anymore." He held it at arm’s length through the bars, his forefinger along the spine. She reached across the barrier and took it. For an instant the tip of her forefinger touched Dr. Lecter’s. The touch crackled in his eyes.
“Thank you, Clarice.”
“Thank you, Dr. Lecter.”
And that is how he remained in Starling’s mind. Caught in the instant when he did not mock.

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recommended reading: jessahmewren's excellent “Plot and Parallels" piece that briefly discusses the exact same topic I attempt to illustrate with a boatload of GIFs & quotes under the cut.

"117" is a very unusual episode because so far it’s been the only one that featured a non-blacklister as the "bad guy of the week." The actual blacklister, the titular Ivan, is quickly dealt with, then the focus shifts to a troubled teenager with no apparent Blacklist/Red/Liz connection. But we know that every case Red & Liz work on also comments on and/or informs the core elements of the show: Red, Liz, and Red & Liz. So I think it’s safe to assume that we are supposed to glean something from Harrison’s story - something relevant to Red & Liz.

Now, what we glean from it is mostly subjective, a matter of interpretation, so I’m not saying that what you find under the “read more” is what the creators/writers intended to communicate. Not at all. There’s only one thing I can state with complete certainty: my parallel-loving brain had a field day with ep 117.

(post is image heavy!)

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honestly, i don’t know how to thank you for this and for the post yesterday and and and… somehow those insights are giving me my otp back a way, even so I didn’t even truly lost it…


Red and Red & Liz promo photos from S1E20, The Kingmaker. Plus I’ve thrown in one Liram (Liz + Aram).

*laughing at the guy in the pool in #5.

EDIT: The little upturn of Red’s lips in last pic. *grins. But I imagine this is before Liz pulls the carpet out from under him with “You’re a monster.” *cries.

*cries as well*

They work so well together in those pics but to know how it all is going to play out….